Ben Yudkin

Ben Yudkin

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Ben Yudkin was educated at Cambridge University and Oxford University.

He has a doctorate in genetics and has been a tutor, lecturer, educational advisor and author for 20 years.

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Higher education

Ben Yudkin taught genetics and laboratory techniques to undergraduate and postgraduate students at Oxford between 1992 and 2008. In 2007 he was appointed Learning Development Adviser to Oxford University.


Ben Yudkin has written and edited several secondary school textbooks in sciences and mathematics. He is author of the professional handbook Critical Reading: Making sense of research papers in life sciences and medicine.


Ben Yudkin is Publications Consultant, and designed the logo, for the NGO Rights and Accountability in Development. He has produced university teaching materials as well as a number of books for private clients.

Selected publications

Materials written, edited or designed by Ben Yudkin

Ben Yudkin's handbook, Critical Reading


Interpreting and evaluating scientific research papers

Textbook co-authored by Ben Yudkin


A-level revision guide in mathematics for secondary schools

Book designed by Ben Yudkin


Memoir about childhood in Burma for private client

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